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catinsea's Journal

16 October
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Proud to be a Welsh/American. Tired of explaining to people when stating that my ancestors are from Wales that I don't mean the large mammals roaming the oceans.

I really like leaf impressions left on rainy sidewalks.

Love anti-war songs, the best being "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan

Other words of Dylan's to live by, "I try my best to be just like I am, but everybody wants you to be just like them."

Best inventions: intermediate windshield (windscreen in ENG) wipers and large capacity CD changers or I-pods so that you can find out that all of your music sounds alike.

I do NOT read my emails-ever. If you need my attention post a comment, that's the only way I'll notice you.

I was educated in Canada & the USA so my spelling can be wanky. If the word "looks" correct to me then it will be incorrect according to spell check and possibly to the reader depending on where you live.