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Well, hello [02 Feb 2006|07:24pm]
I have not been on the LJ since 12-05.
I am in a hotel in some other state and here is a laptop all handy.
I see that keyboarding with long finger nails is going to be a pain in the neck.
So, wonder what I've been doing?
Well beside writing a lot I've crawled out of my darken, short day-ed, winter-y rain drenched house and begun socializing once again. I've been going to lots of little meetings where there are other people and the best of them is for women to just sit and talk--that's it. Any topic is okay and any opinion is okay. The woman who began it was choosy and selected people she thought could hold a conversation and believe me we do. The main topics have been politics and homosexuality and menstration. I keep trying to bring up literature but it is a lively room and it can be difficult to turn the topic. I even brought my Tennyson with me last time--see how fun I can be at times? The age range is from 19 to 80 something. In fact there are 3 ladies in their 80's. Want to know how menstration came up for discussion? One lady in her late 60's was about to leave for a party out of state to celebrate a young female relative's first cycle. To which I said, "You're having a party for that?" She proudly answered with a resounding "YES." I had never heard of that before. So apparently relatives from all up and down the West Coast were packing their bags and traveling to the big event.
Another participant has lived all over Europe and the middle East and a few of the States. She has a lot to say. Every person there is just basically unique and talkative so I look forward to that each week.
I'm actually on a little trip with Cera for the two of you who know of her. She's left me here in the hotel alone so that she can visit a friend and eat some pizza.
I know I'm babbling but what the hay?
I guess I'll close with this. I have made friends here with a lady born and raised in Wales, that has been fun for me. And other than that I've been really busy.
So that was my little check in with my LJ.
The best to all of you,
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I Live--again [01 Dec 2005|09:01am]
Furnace is a burning away.


70 beautiful degrees of Warmth.
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Survival [30 Nov 2005|09:21am]
Suffering cold checklist

Hot Shower--check
One layer of black silk long underware designed for skiing (kinda sexy even)--check
One additional layer of waffle weave purple long underware (not too sexy)--check
Hoodie Sweater zipped to top--check
Addition hooded sweatshirt zipped to to neck--check
Warm pants--check
Black cashmere scarf adorning neck--check
Down Outer wear coat--check

Plugged in hand-held hair dryer near me at all times
Flip it on and blow icy fingers every few minutes--check

Curtains, drapes & blinds closed--check
Candles burning (just in case)--check

Waiting for help to arrive--Wah!

At least I got one fool to come over here. I called through the phone book and was told by many warm receptionists that it would be Friday before they could have someone over. Okay, if I can't answer the door due to my untimely death just jimmey the lock and kick my frozen corpse aside and then repair the furnace. Okay with you?
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Fin [30 Nov 2005|08:50am]
[ mood | cold ]

All done, finished, completed.

Now to edit.

However, my furnace broke and I have popicle fingers.

Funace Tech. due to visit in a few hours.

Cold, BRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr

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I Live [29 Nov 2005|08:02am]
[ mood | busy ]

But I WMAO while Namowrimo-ing

How's it going Catinsea?

Well, thanks for asking.

I beam as I report that I was to write 50,000 words from scratch without a prior idea of what I was writing.
I started 10-31-05 and I have 2 days to go.
My current word count is teetering at 49,000.

So then, I will go and finish just as soon as I figure out exactly who lives and who dies. I have 2 good candidates for death.

Ah, the power of killing one's characters.

As a side note I was talked in to this bit of silliness by CERA the finky one. I only just got on the namowrimo web site this past Saturday. I was too busy writing to fiddle with it until then. She had told me I could 'register' on the 29th and submit my 50,000 on the 30th. She was wrong my friends. The cut off for registration was the day before I got my bottom settled down long enough to see this site for the first time. I don't care however, all that would have happened is I would have been deemed a winner. So? Now if I won a publishing contract with movie rights well then I'd been kicking myself for missing it by one day.

But there is good news. I was disenchanted with the site and am very happy that I had not gone on there before.
I'm also happy I did not read NO PLOT NO PROBLEM.
Cera had given me just enough info to start me off.
The site says to write utter crap and go for quantity not quality.
I would not do that. I do not need to liter up the world with another crap novel.
I entered the site's chat option and found children, brain dead children chatting it up on the topic of nanowrimo, they were idiots, trust me.

Anyway a novel is born, well the head and shoulders have been delivered. One more push and the entire fetus will be out in the world all pink and ugly and squirming and stuff.

Don't worry yourselves, this is not representative of my novel writing. Be reasssured.

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No, My head cold did not kill me [21 Nov 2005|08:34am]
[ mood | chipper ]

It didn't even try very hard to do so.

I saw a smart guy on TV.

Yes, it can happen.

He explained in clear language that we can stop all the hype on the bird flu. If it passed like normal flu does we'd already be dead so we can relax a bit.

Good news.

So where --oh where --have I been?

Writing my dear friends, writing my a** off.

Let's see that'd be


So in the future if you see a post of mine that simple says 'WMAO' then you'll know I came up for air long enough to post but not long enough to say anything of value.

Oh, and I'll soon be busy with that great American Holiday, the mighty killing of a Turkey or Two, better known as Thanksgiving Day or as they like to say in the south Thanksgiven Day.

Best get to the store before they sell out of canned cranberry sauce. I love serving it with the can indentations all along the side of it. Cullinary genious.

Smiles,Kisses, and WAVES y'all.

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Hey I might be getting better [09 Nov 2005|08:26am]
"Not so fast." Said the nose.

"We're not giving up yet." Yelled the virus.
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Poopy [08 Nov 2005|07:53am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I'm sick.
Having my yearly head/chest cold.
Tiny fever.
That's all, difficult to entertain when not feeling well.

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[31 Oct 2005|07:59am]
A Child's History of England

"King Richard thought 'I must make another plan.' And he made the plan of marrying the Princess Elizabeth himself, although she was his niece. There was one difficulty in the way: his wife, the Queen Anne, was alive."

Charles Dickens
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16 kids--her momment in the Sun [18 Oct 2005|09:00am]
[ mood | impressed ]

So here is the mother of 16 children on the Today show. With her husband there is 18 people grouped in some room waiting to go on the air. Today is doing the tease, the "look this is what we are covering right after the advertisement" thing to kept you tuned in.

What is Mom doing during the tease?

Picking a piece of cat hair or lint right off the very tippy-top of her right boob, that's what.

She's fixated on her mammary gland on National Television. She's going to get that blasted fuzz if it's that last thing she ever does.

Pick, still there, pick, still there, pick.

There now, my nipple is ready for it's close up. Where is the camera?

Moral: If there is a film crew in your house do not touch any of your body parts until after they leave.

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Yahoooooooo [17 Oct 2005|08:14am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I got an iron for my birthday and it's steamy.

And it's cordless.

And it has a cool cover that makes it look like a toaster.

And it DOESN'T BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may remember my beeping iron that kept me thinking some large vehicle was backing up inside my house.

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday dear meeeee
Happy Birthday to me

And happy day after too

: )

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Another Frost [12 Oct 2005|08:10am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Robert Frost that is. And I quote:

"My words are nearly always an offence.
I don't know how to speak of anything
So as to please you. But I might be taught
I should suppose. I can't say I see how.
A man must partly give up being a man
With womenfolk."

Now you're catching on.

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Diiiiiirection [11 Oct 2005|07:53am]
Super Nanny JoJo has taught me something new about American pronunciations.

I'm ultra aware of how many English words Americans mispronounce and hear them offiin (often), it's quite commonplace after all.


It's as though every short vowel sound must be pronounced as a long vowel sound in the States and the reverse is true as well.

All that to say that JoJo was using the word DIRECTION on Sunday night over and over again.

I had never, ever noticed that one.

Direction as in: Dye or Die or even Dive.


So I sit in front of the television pronouncing Duhrection to myself for a full 5 mins.


Thanks Super Nanny for setting me in the correct duhrection.
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Bacon [10 Oct 2005|07:45am]
No, not Kevin.

I, vegetarian me, fried bacon yesterday.

I do believe it will have been my very last time.

No, I didn't eat any.
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Christmas Shopping On-Line [07 Oct 2005|07:59am]
These black boxers feature the cover art for Killers by Iron Maiden on both sides! Elastic waistband and front button closure. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Imported.

Hmmm, what would Kenworth think of these?
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It's NO wonder Greenday made it Big [06 Oct 2005|08:20am]
With the musical genious displayed here
You'll be awed, and somehow lifted out of your small life
as you stop and ponder
the deep meaning of these
lovely song lyrics


Ha Ha you're dead
And I'm so happy
In loving memory
Of your demise

When your ship is going down
I'll go out and paint the town
Ha Ha you're dead
Ha Ha you're dead
Ha Ha you're dead

(ha ha ha)

Ha Ha you're dead
The joke is over
You were an asshole
And now you're gone
As your ship is going down
I'll stand by and watch you drown


There, Now don't you feel
much better?
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[05 Oct 2005|08:16am]
True or False:

"Thought can more easily traverse an unexplored region than it can undo what has been so thoroughly done as to be ingrained in unconscious habit." Quoted from "How we Think"
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Profoundary [04 Oct 2005|09:02am]
"The way to have good and safe government, is not to trust it all to one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to every one exactly the functions he is competent to." Thomas Jefferson said that.

"The saddest thing about any man, is that he be ignorant." King Alfred said that.

"I was more independent than any farmer in Concord, for I was not anchored to a house or farm, but could follow the bent of my genious, which is a very crooked one." Henry David Thoreau said that.

"The saddest thing is a crooked and ignorant government, it's best not to trust it at all." Catinsea said that.
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I'm back again [03 Oct 2005|07:40am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, well, well.

Trojan Eliteba almost toasted my computer

but then

Cera's wonderful, thoughtful, considerate husband came to my rescue.

After de-lousing my soft ware and such

he sat down to a lovely bowl of

Home-made Greek Lentil Soup. His meager payment.


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Computer Problems [28 Sep 2005|07:48am]

My computer is malfunctioning.

Iffin ya don't hear from me it will mean my fairly new computer has DIED.
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